Building Custom Cable Harnesses For An Application


Building customized cables to meet the application needs of a customer is a better idea than purchasing off-the-shelf cables. This is where special cable manufacturers are required who are well-equipped with the knowledge of building customized cables for the required application and in the required amounts. Miracle Electronics is one such cable harness manufacturer in India, whose ability to customize cable harnesses is spoken highly of.

What makes Miracle Electronics a winner?

While there are many manufacturers who can customize cables for a customer, Miracle Electronics stands out. That’s because of the various kinds of prestigious certifications that we’ve achieved over our decade of expertise and working. First and foremost, our production processes are certified for quality to ISO 9001 and AS9100C. further, the quality of our cable looms and harnesses are also certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications. Hence, you can rest assured that every cable harness made at our premises are uncompromised in terms of quality. And, to add to that, every cable harness that we manufacture, is also thoroughly tested for weight, dimension, continuity, and compliance to environmental requirements. We also conduct other important tests like Hi-Pot and Pull tests to verify quality. On the whole, you’ll get nothing compromised in quality, when you partner with Miracle Electronics.

Miracle Electronics’ cable harnesses are safe and reliable

Miracle Electronics’ cable harnesses provide a compact and intelligent way to bind numerous associated wires and cables into a single harness, making it organized and easy to install, maintain, repair, and replace, as and when required. Moreover, the cable harnesses keep the cables within better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture; giving them a better performance over a longer time span. The intended design of constricting wires into a non-flexing bundle also optimizes space, and decreases the risk of a short. All in all, the entire process of installing wires and cables is standardized, leading to lesser or eliminated errors.

What all can you get at Miracle Electronics?

Whether you’re looking for single discrete EMI cables, or complete cable harnesses, you can get them all at Miracle Electronics. We have expertise in building a variety of cable harnesses for every kind of industry, such as EMI shielded harnesses, multiwire harnesses, RF cable harnesses, flat cable harnesses, ribbon cable harnesses, airborne looms, and military looms. We use the best quality circular connectors, military specific connectors, and D-Sub connectors, as required by the application. You can have every kind of product variant from us, customized based on your particular requirement.

To conclude, with Miracle Electronics, you get high-level quality cable harnesses to suit any and every kind of application and industry. You can rely on us right from the early designing stage, right up till the manufacturing of your product. We have technicians overseeing all phases of a project, using the latest technologies and tools. Thus, our experience is your advantage; with quality being assured. We can help clients of all sizes, from a variety of industries. So, no matter what your industry, no matter what your requirement, and no matter what your volume size, when you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective cable harnesses, Miracle Electronics is certainly the ideal cable harness manufacturer in India for you!

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