Why Are Toroidal Transformers A Better Choice?


Like every transformer type, a toroidal transformer is designed to change the AC current, without the need for any type of movement or action, on the part of the component. But, what makes it different is that its doughnut shaped core is made of cold-rolled silicon steel, which boosts the performance of the core, as compared to any other traditional laminated core. The core is wrapped with a coil that generates magnetic field lines, which are completely coincident with the magnetic circuit of the core. This results in a reduced excitation energy and core loss. A toroidal transformer thus benefits the application by offering high electrical efficiency and less magnetic interference, packed in a small size, which also makes it absolutely light in weight.

Distinguishing the outcomes produced by a toroidal transformer

By using an efficient toroidal transformer, large amounts of energy can be saved. Let us take an example. You can take two different types of transformers for the same application; for instance, one being an EI-core transformer 2 x 24V 50 VA, and the second being a toroidal transformer 2 x 9V 50 VA. Loading both these transformers with several load resistors, and the loading power ranging from 5 to 40 Watts, the energy losses can be measured to find the remarkable difference between the two outcomes. The difference between the input and output powers is the energy loss that is converted into heat within the transformer. Moreover, dividing the output power by the input power can also bring to you the transformer’s efficiency. Calculating with different numbers of load resistors, you’ll be able to clearly see the significant differences in the outcomes. The toroidal transformer will result in much less losses than an EI transformer.

Where can you use a toroidal transformer?

Toroidal transformers are used widely in home appliances and other electronic equipment with high technical requirements, such as computers, lighting, telecommunications, audio equipment, medical equipment, and automatic control equipment. You can choose to use the same for your equipment too. And, to bring about even better results, you can opt for a customized toroidal transformer, manufactured by professional and expert toroidal transformer manufacturers in India.

Designing a customized toroidal transformer

Before designing a customized toroidal transformer, there are certain parameters that need to be considered; some of them being –

  • The industry – With every industry having different requirements, the industry and equipment in which the toroidal transformer needs to be used should be thoroughly considered and understood.
  • Input voltage – Generally, the toroidal transformer is designed according to 220V, but it can also be customized as per any special requirements regarding the input voltage.
  • Output voltage and current – Whether the toroidal transformer is single or multi-wound, the output voltage and current of each winding needs to be considered well.
  • Output power – The wattage obtained by multiplying the output voltage and the output current also needs to be contemplated.
  • The installation method – The kind of installation method needs to be carefully decided upon, such as bracket installing, middle hole potting, full potting, etc.
  • Any other special requirements – Any other special requirements such as the lead length, or whether the lead needs to be added with a terminal plug, and other such considerations, need to be reflected upon.

Whether standard or customized, whatever your choice may be, Miracle Electronics are the toroidal transformer manufacturers in India you can rely upon to satisfy all your requirements!

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