Miracle Shall be India’s most preferred provider of Efficient, reliable, state-of-the-Art Magnetics, Wiring Harness, Box Integration to Global customers, thereby contributing to the Growth of the nation and shall be an important player in select national & international market.


We develop and market innovative devices and tailor-made solutions for Magnetics & Wiring Harness, Box Integration. Our competencies in electronics, enable new business models for global markets. We improve Quality of Customer products, increase productivity & product Life.


One engine of sustainable business is our ownership culture, in which every employee takes personal responsibility for our company’s success. “Always act as if it were your own company” – this maxim applies to everyone at MIRACLE, from Managing Board member to trainee.


MIRACLE is proud of our adherence to socially responsible and highly ethical business practices, as evidenced by our membership and association with the industry’s most prestigious organizations.

Wire Harness & Cable Harness Manufacturers in India

Leading Transformer Manufacturer in India for Various Transformer Types

Born in the year 1994, Miracle Electronics is a renowned Transformer manufacturer in India, engaged in manufacturing Power transformers, Toroidal transformers, EI transformers, SMPS transformers, Medical Isolation Transformers. We also manufacture the finest quality Wire & Cable harness, Electronic Box assemblies, Inductor Coils in India, with customers across the globe. Today we boast of Asia’s best quality transformers, inductors, wire harnesses in India.

Our Products

Asia's most comprehensive range of Toroidal/laminated transformers, wire harness, box building, SMPS and power-supplies

Power transformers in India
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Medical Isolation Transformer in India
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Why Us?

Miracle follows sustainable business practices, which are EHS compliant:

Miracle is committed to continuous improvement with significant emphasis on waste prevention and defect elimination.

We focus on effective business relationships, clear & honest communication from the onset of a transaction to ensure total adherence to quality and deliverables.

We proactively work in partnership with suppliers to develop sustainable, niche and effective solutions for customers.


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