Box Build Assembly

In addition to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), we provide box build integration assembly for sub-systems and modules as well as for full product integration. Through our network of preferred suppliers, we support you from A to Z, from the quotation to the mass production stage of your project. teams at the service of your product, are key ingredients to enter markets seamlessly.

We have dedicated Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Facilities

As a vertically integrated contract manufacturer, MEDPL is uniquely positioned to provide complete turnkey box-build and system level integration services to our customer base. With the capability of producing all the major sub-assembly components (sheet metal/enclosures, finishing, PCB assembly, cable assembly and electro-mechanical assembly), we can provide one of the more competitive contract manufacturing cost models in the industry today.

Our global network of manufacturing locations enable a full range of sub-assembly, box-build and final system integration solutions. Our manufacturing processes are designed and configured according to each customer and product, ensuring that our capabilities suit your needs, while the tight integration of the entire production process maximizes flexibility, lowers cost, and reduces time to market.

Our specific system assembly offerings include:
  • Build-to-order and configure-to-order (BTO & CTO);
  • Custom production process design;
  • Custom tooling and fixtures;
  • Design and engineering for mechanical components (injection molding, die casting, etc.);
  • Final packaging design;
  • Custom testing systems with integrated software and hardware solutions.