Miracle’s Audio Line Matching Transformer: Hear Better.

We believe that there must be no disturbance in your auditory pleasure. No matter what.

Miracle Electronic’s Audio Line Matching Transformers have been carefully designed to exactly do that. The core purpose of our Transformer is to match the Impedance of the loudspeaker or a number of loudspeakers to the optimum load of the tube or transistor. In other words, Miracle’s transformer transforms the Impedance of the speaker, so that the impedance which it presents to the primary winding is equal to the load of the Output stage active element.

All our Audio Line Matching Transformers are RoHS Compliant, High, Reach Compliant, CE and UL Marked.

Product Variants available:
  • Dual Outputs: 4 & 8 Ohms.
  • Power: 1w to 300w.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 deg C.
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20,000Hz (-2dB).
  • Connections: 150 +/- 10mm multi stranded PVC wire. Stripped and Tinned.

Miracle Electronics also undertakes requests for custom design and development of Audio Output Transformers. Please contact our Customer Support Team for more details.