Miracle Electronic’s UI Transformer consists of a range of high quality low profile encapsulated isolating transformers with twin 115V AC 50/60 HZ primary windings which are connected in series for 230V or parallel for 115V operation.

Miracle Electronic’s UI Transformers / Low Profile Transformers come with Double section glass fibre reinforced polyamide bobbins. Our UI transformers are 100% electrical and Flash tested, have low radiated nose and possess low inter-winding capacitance.

Miracle Electronic’s UI Transformers: Making the most of devices.

Miracle Electronic’s UI Transformers are extremely durable, come with superior wiring, varnishing, connection terminators. Our UI Transformers are indeed highly efficient and provide excellent regulation with minimal temperature rise.

All our UI Transformers are RoHS Compliant, High and Reach Compliant.

General Product Features & Inclusions
  • Low Profile
  • Low Inter winding Capacitance
  • 5 KVA Primary /Secondary Insulation
  • CRGO core UI cores
  • Cold Rolled Grain Oriented steel cores
  • Thermal fuse – Optional
  • Class B / F Insulation
  • Epoxy PCB Mounting arrangements
Product Variants available:
  • Range of 2 VA, 4 VA, 6 VA, 10 VA, 14 VA, 18 VA, 24 VA
  • 120 /240 V
  • 1 Phase,
  • 50 Hz