1.High Performance
2.Surge/Spike Protection
3.EMI/RFI Filtration
4.Overload Protection
5.Compact & Cost Effective

Technical Specifications:

Maximum output Current: 9 AMPS
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage: 275 VAC RMS
Line Cords:  6ft.Captive, 1.5mm², with 3-conductor Power Plug (Type-M)
Noise Attenuation (Transverse Mode):  Greater than 23db, 200Khz to 10Mhz
Operating Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz
Dimension: 1.75’’ H x 19’’ W x 3.75’’ D
Output Socket: IEC – C-13, 9 Outlets
Weight: 1.6 Kg
Peak Impulse Current: 4000 AMPS
Spike Protection Mode: Line to Neutral
Marking: Specification & Model P/N
Overload Protection: Resettable Thermal Circuit Protector



Electrical surges  can destroy your rig in a single moment. Voltage fluctuation which puts added wear and tear on your gear. Miracle M-9 surge/spike protect your gear from surge which is common during practice. EMI/RFI filtration  will give your audio noise free clean and quiet.


How you can get noise free audio recoding?
During recording if some noise comes it can diminish your sound quality. Miracle M-9  have EMI/RFI filtration cleans the incoming dirt AC power which cause noise and effectively improves your audio performance. Audio sounds better and great protection for gear and surge/spike provides safe recording.


How to prevent the equipment from surges/spikes? Live performance, recording studio or other events have some dirt  EMI or noise come like as hum or buzz and it  may interfere heard in stereo signals from mixers or other processors. Miracle M-9 provide EMI/RFI  filtration keeps the bad stuff out. It keeps your equipment safe and sounding clean.


Single power surge is a very brief spike in your power. It changes in the power load from appliances going on and off. Any change in the shape of an audio waveform compared between two points in a signal chain. Generally the term refers to the desirable or undesirable “breaking-up” of audio (as in distorted guitars.) As it applies to audio equipment, noise is unwanted sound that is not related to the signal. Noise sources can be external to a device, such as environmental noise sources. Or the noise can be generated internally. Miracle M-9 provide protection and EMI/RFI filtration. With a 9A capacity and nine total outlets, it’s enough to power your equipment.