Switched mode power supply transformers (switching-mode power supply, SMPS, or switcher) are essential components in power conversion products. We essentially understand that the quality of the transformer, in terms of its performance to specification and its longevity, is vital to the quality of the end product. Miracle Electronic’s SMPS Transformers are critically designed to achieve this objective.

Miracle Electronic’s SMPS Transformers have a very high power-to-size ratio, and each segment transformer topology has a unique Vin to Vout Transfer function leading to absolute efficiency.

Miracle Electronic’s Switched Mode Power Supply Transformers: Achieving minimal power wastage. All our SMPS Transformers are RoHS Compliant, High, Reach Compliant, CE and UL Marked.

General Product Features & Inclusions
  • TEX E Wires
  • Sleeves
  • Connectors
  • L Clamp
  • U Brackets
  • Ferrite Cores
  • Class B / F/ H insulation
Product Variants available:
  • UU Transformers
  • EE Transformers
  • EI Transformers
  • Toroid Ferrite Core Transformers
  • Pot Core Transformers
  • 10 KHz- 200 KHz