Our team experts providing  end-to-end  solutions starting  from concept design,   Design for  Manufacturing  and  Assembly , detailed  design,  and performance testing and qualification.

Design Capabilities:

Design Software’s:

CEMILAC Design approval Under progress

  • An effective and dedicated software tracks and records all assets
  • Quality plan is infused in the initial stages of product design itself
  • Internal and external audit is carried out at regular intervals to maintain the quality system.
  • Root cause analysis along with corrective and preventive measure is enforced to enable cost saving and elimination of reoccurrence of mistake. During the production -8D report is generated for any complaint received.
  • We assist our customers to get approvals for transformers and assemblies for their products.
  • Designs & Drawings including work instructions/revisions are updated with dedicated software.
  • Our Quality Management System is registered to the Aerospace Quality Standard AS 9100 D ISO 13485: 2016 Medical / Lab Standards & ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.
  • We focus attention of every employee on the quality of their work, to get it right first time with zero error.
  • Entire quality systems & MRP are managed & run by “SAP” – ERP System.
  • Everyone in our organization recognizes that Total Quality depends on their contribution.
  • Our manufacturing standards are as per UL /CE / EN 61558 / E311322 RoHS and REACH.
  • Staff are regularly trained to enable them perform their duties effectively. They are given right authority within the scope of their responsibilities to maintain the standards of performance. All this is agumented with the able utilization of a dedicated and custom built Training Manager Software.
  • Responsibilities and duties of staff are clearly identified and communicated on a regualar basis

Different Types of Transformer Designs:

  1. E&I Transformer (Conventional), Single Phase & Three Phase
  2. Toroidal Transformers (Round /Ring Type), Single Phase & Three Phase
  3. C-Core (Single Phase)
  4. UI Core (Single Phase

1. E&I Transformer (Conventional)

  • Single Phase & Three Phase
  • PCB Mount Rating up to 24VA
  • Panel Mount Rating up to 5 KVA for Single Phase & Rating up to 15 KVA for                          Three Phase
  • Auto Transformer Rating up to 15 KVA for Single Phase

2. Toroidal Transformers (Round /Ring Type)

  • Single Phase & Three Phase
  • Panel Mount Rating up to 5 KVA for Single Phase & Rating up to 15 KVA for                   Three Phase
  • Auto Transformer Rating up to 45 KVA for Three Phase

3.  C-Core (Single Phase)

  • Rating up to 2 KVA

4. UI Core (Single Phase)

  • Rating up to 50 VA

Primary advantages by selecting the MIRACLE transformers :

  • Customer Design Accepted
  • Design and Development as per Customer Specified Requirements Accepted.
  • Competitively priced
  • Value for Money you pay
  • Advanced Winding Machineries
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Small to Large Quantity Manufacturing Capacity
  • Experienced and trained Work Force
  • Continuous Up gradation to Quality and Production standards High Efficiency,                      High Thermal Dissipation
  • Rugged Construction
  • Use of Wide Range of Magnetic Materials