Parts Of A Transformer

Transformers are used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. They are used either to step up or step down voltage levels. A transformer is made of several different parts that function in their own different ways to enhance the overall functioning of a transformer. These include core, windings, insulating materials, transformer oil, tap changer, conservator, breather, cooling tubes, Buchholz Relay and explosion vent. The core, windings, insulating materials and transformer oil are seen in almost every transformer, while the other components are seen in transformers that are more than 50 KVA.

How To Check For Reliability Of A Transformer?

Transformers are one of the most useful components of bringing in the right current into our homes, offices and industries. Thus, it is very important to assess this equipment to check if they are fit for use or need replacement or reinstallation. Transformers form a very important part of the costs involved, thus utilities are pressurized to use existing units for as long as possible until and unless the overall system is at risk. But, it is also important to realize that the appropriate checks need to be made to check for the reliability of the transformers installed. Miracle Electronics is a name where transformers are not only manufactured, but they are built with comprehensive standards, excellence in design and a rigorous code of conduct that ensures complete reliability of their products.