What To Do When Your Transformer Goes Down?

what-to-do-when-your-transformer-goes-downA transformer going down means an emergency replacement is required to keep the production on line! How equipped are you for such an emergency? And, how much can you afford to lose during replacement? These questions need to be well answered for any CEO, manager, or anyone in charge of the plant.

Why Is Parallel Operation Of Transformers Beneficial?


It is advisable to install a number of smaller rated transformers in parallel rather than installing a bigger rated electrical transformer. This is so that the electrical power system availability, flexibility and efficiency are maximized. Let s understand all of this in detail.

Guide To Transformer Failures


Transformers generally require lesser care than most other kinds of electrical equipment. However, in case of any constructional or operational failures in transformers, huge problems can be created in power systems. This is why you must be very sure and careful while purchasing transformers. You must purchase your electrical equipment from reputed names like Miracle Electronics, who are known for their standards and quality products, along with providing the best after-sales service too.

What Is The Difference Between An Inductor And Transformer?

what-is-the-difference-between-an-inductor-and-transformerAlthough transformers and inductors look very similar and also seem similar in construction to a layman, they are actually two different elements used in different applications. To help you understand this difference, we have explained both transformers and inductors in detail below.