Benefits And Applications Of Automotive Wire Harnesses


Wire harnesses are assemblies of electrical cables that transmit signals in electrical applications. They are a bundle of loose wires grouped together into a single covering for a more organized system. Such wire harnesses are used in various industries, with the automotive industry being one of the largest consumers.

Automotive wire harnesses use a wide variety of wire harnesses for the best possible performance. These harnesses combine wiring of different electrical and electronic devices into a single system. Therefore, they aid in signal transmission and powering up of different electronic and electrical devices. They are also use to set up electrical circuits in automobiles, and are designed to operate in extreme conditions effectively.

Can Wire Harness Production Be Completely Automated?


A wire harness, also called as cable harness, cable assembly, wire loom, or wiring assembly, is a group of wires clubbed together into one unit to transmit signals and provide electrical power to various applications. These harnesses consist of multiple components along with the many wires they constitute of. The wires clubbed together could be of any type ranging in hook-up wires, multi-pair cables, multi-conductor cables, and coaxes. There could be a combination of any of these wires, depending upon the design of the harness. These equipment are designed according to the geometric and electrical requirements of the equipment they will be installed in. Miracle Electronics is a leading wire harness manufacturer in India who undertakes requests for custom design and development of wire harnesses. This is where you can get all your required wire harnesses that are certified for quality to ISO 9001, AS9100C; and are approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications.

What Are The Different Parts That Make Up A Power Transformer?


The electrical devices that transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction to step up or step down voltage levels are known as transformers. These equipment are made up of lots of different parts performing different functions. Every big and tiny part of a transformer plays a very vital role in its functioning. Listed below are some of the most important parts of power transformers in India.

Coil Power Supply Or Switch Mode Power Supply – Which Is Better?


When it comes to electrical and electronic circuits, it is crucial to have a power supply that delivers the exact amount of current and voltage required for the circuit to run, without exceeding the limits. There are two most common types of power supplies – coil (or linear as it is more popularly called) and switched mode. Although both these power supplies supply DC power, they differ in the way they produce the power and in the way they operate. Depending on the application they are used with, both the power supplies have their own advantages and disadvantages.