Understanding The Switch Mode Power Supply Better


The most important element of an electronic circuit is the power supply that provides current to the entire circuit. Different circuits require different kinds of power of different ranges. This is why different power converters are used to change the power into the range that is required by the individual application it is applied to. This is where the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) comes in handy, which is an electronic circuit that converts power using switching devices and inductors or capacitors to change the electrical power from one form to another as required. The power supply is generally used to achieve regulated DC output voltage from DC input voltage or unregulated AC.

All You Need To Know About Toroid Inductors


Toroidal inductors are passive electronic components that consist of a circular ring or doughnut-shaped magnetic core, made of ferromagnetic materials like ferrite, silicon steel, nickel, laminated iron, or iron powder, around which wire is wound. The circular shape of the core helps very less amount of magnetic flux to escape outside the core, thus making the inductor more efficient by radiating lesser electromagnetic interference. These toroid inductors are used to achieve energy efficiency, mainly when low frequencies require inductance. The various applications that use toroid inductors include air conditioners, refrigerators, computers, televisions, amplifiers, etc.

How Are Wire Harness And Cable Assembly Different?


Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are generally used interchangeably, but are actually quite different from each other. Although they both have similar basic functions, they are different in terms of their purpose. This blog will help you learn about both wire harnesses and cable assemblies differently, so that you can better understand the difference between the two.