Which Tests Confirm The Perfection Of Wire Assemblies?

wire-assembliesManufacturing is definitely a critical part of being a wire assembly manufacturer, but another indispensable responsibility is of testing those assemblies for perfection and quality. Once the assemblies are manufactured, they need to go through various tests for examining various aspects. Even though there are different tests for different features, all of them aim at only one purpose, and that is to ensure that the wire assembly will meet the required specifications it was built to. Listed below is a comprehensive list of tests that wire assembly manufacturers in India must perform on their wire assemblies to ensure that they will be providing their customers with reliable products.

Which Options Of Core Materials Can You Use For Your Transformers?

transformersA transformer comprises of primary, secondary, and tertiary windings; and the performance of a transformer depends upon the flux linkage between these windings. It is the magnetic flux between the windings that connects them to the core of the transformers, which allows the current to flow through effectively. For efficient flux linkage, a low reluctance magnetic path that is common to all the windings needs to be provided, which makes the core one of the most important parts of a transformer. The core is made of magnetic materials with high magnetic permeability properties so that the magnetic field can be guided through. This is how magnetic fields are produced in a variety of electrical, magnetic, and electromechanical devices like electric motors, generators, electromagnets, inductors, etc. The magnetic field is produced by a current carrying wire coiled around the core, which increases the magnetic field of the coil by hundreds or thousands! For purchasing the best-in-class transformers made of high quality and carefully planned materials and structures, you must get in touch with a standardized and recognized transformer manufacturer in India like Miracle Electronics, so that you can rest assured to have the best performance with a long life for your device. You can choose from the below mentioned materials to be used within the transformer that you want for your application.

How Is Electricity Transferred Into Our Homes And Offices?


Every day we use electrical switches hundreds of times a day to switch on and off lights, fans, air conditioners, heaters, microwaves, coffee makers, geysers, televisions, chargers, and many other appliances. All you have to do is just flick on the switch, and Voila! You have your appliance turned on. All these modern conveniences have made our lives so much easier. And, when our electricity is cut off, we feel like our lives have paused. So, shouldn’t you consider these little switches and the power we get into our homes and offices as small miracles? Parenthetically, have you ever thought about how these miracles take place, or how does the power generated in those huge power plants come into your home? The entire process of bringing in that huge amount of power into your home for safe usage is a very complicated one, and involves lots of careful connections and devices; one of the most important ones in the process being the highest quality power transformers in India. Let us see how electricity is sent to your home, and why transformers are said to play the most important role in the process.

How Are Current Transformers Beneficial?


An energy monitor is required to measure a home’s electricity consumption with a simple installation process that doesn’t require any major modifications to the wiring. To measure the value of electricity, we need voltage and current. Voltage is the force that pushes electrons through electrical devices, while current measures the rate at which electrons move through the wire. When multiplied together, it results in power i.e. Power = Voltage x Current.