Do You Want Your Cables Labeled?


Anyone dealing with large machineries, automobiles, workstations, or any other application knows how it is to handle a multitude of cables in a single place. Not only dealing with it, but also unplugging and re-inserting the cables correctly becomes a gruesome task. This is where cable labeling comes as the best solution. Available in a variety of options like pre-printed labels, blank labels, thermal transfer labels, heat shrink labels, and more, these labels are important for identification, repairing, and assembling of cables and cable harnesses correctly in any application. Also, it is an upfront cost that saves on efforts and time to be invested later. Let us look at the various types of cable labeling available in detail.

How To Keep Your Cables Safe From Rodents?


Cable harnesses are designed to be used in all kinds of harsh environments – chilling colds, scorching heat, drenching rains, high pressures, or anything else. But, one environment that can prove to be challenging for cable harnesses is rodent damage. Whether an outdoor application or indoor installation; whether residential or industrial, any area can be a hiding place for rodents. And, these rodents can definitely damage your cables and harnesses.

What Are Cable Harnesses And Why Do You Need Them?


Any kind of electronic application and machine requires cables. Whether it be single or multiple, cables are an integral part of the equipment. And, with more and more complex machineries and applications being used today, there could even be hundreds of cables being used in a single space. Also, cables used in vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, and airplanes can cover long distances when stretched out. All of these long and high number of cables are difficult to handle, maintain, repair, and replace. This is where cable harnesses come to the rescue. Cable harness manufacturers in India are coming up with a variety of cable harnesses to serve the purpose of covering multiple cables of the same type into one single bundle. This not only neatly organizes the space, but also protects the cables from the adverse effects of vibration, abrasion, and moisture. Moreover, when working between multiple wires, it could lead to trips and falls, or even shorts. Cable harnesses also protect individuals from such accidents.

Which Different Types Of Cable Labels And Markers Are Available?


With so many different cables being used in a single machinery or application, it becomes difficult to understand and identify the purpose of each one individually. This is why cables are available with different labels and markers, depending upon their usage in different conduits. Miracle Electronics is one of those cable harness manufacturers in India who provides a variety of cable harnesses and cables that can be availed with marks and labels on request. Let us take a look at the various kinds of labels and markers available for cables.