How Can The Noise And Vibration Of Transformers Be Controlled?


Power transformers in India are generally built in a way that they produce a humming sound while at work. While it may go unnoticed by us while walking down the road, there are many who constantly work in environments where transformers are present. This means that they are exposed to this sound all throughout the day, or night, or both. This exposure may result in hearing problems initially, which may ultimately result in permanent hearing loss! Even hearing protection devices may not help. To add to that, even the vibrations that come along with the humming sound, although low-level, can prove to be harmful. These vibrations are not only harmful to the people working around, but also to the machinery itself, as the constant vibration puts stress on every tooling component within the machine, thus pressurizing and damaging it. Therefore, while we can say that transformers are highly useful and efficient devices for us, they can also prove to be equally harmful. So, how can we prevent this damage?

What Makes Power Transformers Important?


Achieving the right amount and voltage of power into your homes and offices for the right functioning of machineries and appliances is very essential. From modifying the voltage fluctuations to minimizing unwanted damages due to electrical faults, power transformers in India are important. And, to understand how transformers are important, it is central to understand the working criteria of these devices – how they operate to supply the right amount of power, bring in constant power, and perform signal matching.

How Have Power Transformers Advanced To Become An Important Part Of The Power Industry?


Power transformers are those little equipment that help to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another, thus proving to be reliable companions of power. In this way, they play the role of an essential component to regulate the whole economy. Today, power transformers play a very important role in everyone’s life. How, you may ask. Well, we all are so addicted to electrical gadgets and electronics, and can’t imagine living without electricity even for a while. So, have you ever wondered where all this electricity comes from? Obviously, from the power plants! But, do you know how huge an amount of electricity is produced at such power stations. Direct surge of that power into our home can not only damage our appliances, but also results in hazards and death! This is where power transformers come into play. Both step up and step down transformers are used at various intervals across the distribution line of power supply between the power stations and our homes. These transformers increase and decrease the power supply voltages to the required levels to bring in safe amounts of electricity within our homes. So, now you know why you must thank power transformers for the comfort you have in your homes and offices today!

How Are Custom Box Assemblies Built?


Box assemblies are systems integration, which include assembly work other than printed circuit board production. The process of construction of box assemblies includes enclosure fabrication, installation of sub-assemblies, installation of other important components, and installation and routing of cable harnesses. A box build assembly could be a simple one comprising of cables, harnesses, complex looms, backplanes, and sub-modules; or could be complex like electro-pneumatic assemblies, complex electro-mechanical assemblies, and other highly complex assemblies.