How Do Step Down Transformers Work?


Power transformers in India comprise of a variety of different types of transformers like toroidal, auto, variable, induction regulator, polyphase, grounding, phase-shifting, resonant, isolating, and many others. Out of all these, the two main types of transformers popularly used are step-up and step-down transformers. While the step-up transformers convert low voltage on the primary side of windings to high voltage on the secondary side, step-down transformers convert high voltage on the primary to low voltage on the secondary. This makes step-down transformers that most popular and reliable ones for residential applications as they reduce the high inrush of voltage coming from power lines to a safe level that is acceptable by both appliances and operators.

Why Are Power Protection Systems Important?


The electrical power system is one of the most crucial systems running across the globe. Every country has its own power manufacturing unit, which then distributes power across the country through various power lines. With such heavy power running through these lines, it is important that the entire system is kept safe, protected, and under control. This is why there is a power protection system that deals with protecting the electrical system that is faulted through the isolation of faulted parts in the electrical network.

Why Should Electronics Be Added Into A Cable Harness Design?


In the past, not much importance was given to cable harnesses, which is why they were the last components to be designed in an electronic system. This created problems of not leaving room for the interface, or for not being able to design harnesses that could meet the expectations. With these problems being encountered, there came the realization of a cable harness being a system’s true lifeline.

What Are Overmoulded Cable Harnesses?


Cable harnesses are multiple cables bundled together to form a bunch that keeps the workspace neat and organized, and free from risks and hazards of shock or fire. Such cable harnesses also protect the cables within from the effects of abrasion, vibration, and moisture; thus increasing their lifespan and durability.