When Is A Full-Service PCB Assembly Provider Required?


When you need completely assembled printed circuit boards for your products, and don’t have them or the parts required to make them, you will need a full-service PCB assembly provider. Now, what do you mean by a full-service provider? It is one who handles every aspect of building a PCB assembly. All you need to do is give your specifications and requirements, and the service provider will take care of everything else ordering all the components of the PCBs, assembling the PCBs as per your specifications, and fabricating the PCBs. This requires experienced and well-trained staff, good vendor relationships, and exclusive capabilities that can help fulfill the PCB order. There is nothing to worry about on the part of the buyer, because the “full-service” provider takes care of everything.

How Does A Toroidal Transformer Work?

Like any other transformer, a toroidal transformer is designed to change AC current without the need for any type of action being executed on the part of the device. Thus, these are passive electrical components that don’t actually do anything to create the change. Instead, when the current passes through the windings that wrap around the core of the transformer, a magnetic field is generated, which then collapses to provide a specific and consistent voltage output. The core of a toroidal transformer is circular ring or doughnut shaped, made of ferromagnetic material like iron powder, laminated iron, or ferrite, around which wire is wound. Toroidal transformers are compactly shaped such that greater efficiency comes with lesser electromagnetic interference. Therefore, a toroidal transformer is considered to be 50% more efficient than a standard linear type of core.

How Are Cable Harnesses Made?


Cable harnesses are used in machineries that require multiple wires to be installed. Instead of having numerous wires installed for various applications, a cable harness groups them all into a single bundle covered with a sheath, and terminating with a type of connector specific to its function. Cable harnesses are used in a wide range of applications in a number of industries like automotive, aerospace, military, medical, and any other that would require machinery.

What Is Printed Circuit Board (PCB)?


One of the key components in electronics is the Printed Circuit Board or PCB, which was once constructed through a labourious process of point-to-point wiring. This process led to frequent failures at wire junctions and short circuits when wire insulation began to age or crack. But, as technology advanced, these PCBs started being constructed with a small gauge wire being wrapped around a post at each connection point, creating a gas-tight highly-durable connection.