Power Transformers – The Working, Types & Applications


Different electrical transformers are made to serve different purposes. While they are all different in design, they generally employ the same basic principle of transferring electrical signals from one point to another within a circuit. One of the most popular types of transformers used in both commercial and residential applications is the power transformer. We will learn all about power transformers in India here in this blog.

Benefits Of Using An Isolation Transformer

Industries use all kinds of heavy-duty machines and equipment, which need to be taken care of, as one single fault or error may lead to unimaginable damage and losses. Thus, to ensure electrical safety and operational efficiency, industries use isolation transformers instead of any other kind of power transformer. This is because an isolation transformer is a protective unit that facilitated the transfer of power from an input supply to a connected output device or machine. The unit within contains separate primary and secondary windings by a main insulating component. It links two circuits magnetically, but provides no metallic conductive path between them. When it is necessary to prevent any leakage from the AC power system into the end devices, an isolation transformer is the best choice.