How Can You Reduce Transformer Noise?


Electrical transformers are always heard to be making humming and buzzing sounds, which can be very frustrating and disturbing. The reason for this noise is the process of magnetostriction that goes on within the transformer, in which a magnetic steel sheet changes it dimensions and shape when magnetized. Because magnetostriction is an important process of a transformer, the noise cannot be completely eliminated. But yes, if desired, it can be reduced to a certain extent.

Medical Isolation Transformers By Miracle Electronics


Almost everything that we use today is automated and works on power. The things that we depend on everyday – smartphones, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, lights, fans, air conditioners, geysers – all require power to run. Without these appliances, life is almost impossible; and without power, the working of these appliances is impossible. Thus, power transfer is very important for us today. Let alone these everyday appliances, even the systems in medical facilities are now automated and require power. Every big and small appliance in hospitals and clinics works on power supplied to them. Thus, without power, we would not be able to even get the best medical facilities that we have access to today!

Being Safe While Working With Transformers


As much as transformers are important to us in our daily lives, by providing us with safe amounts of current and electricity to run our electric and electronic appliances, they can be equally hazardous if not used properly. This is why it is important to undertake certain safety measures while operating your transformers, or during its regular maintenance or repair procedures. Any carelessness may lead to shocks, or even death. In addition, it may lead to errors, which even if minute, may damage the entire transformer, which may further result in failure of the appliance too. You definitely don’t want any of this to happen, which is why you need to take up these safety measures for sure.