Benefits Of Using An Isolation Transformer

Industries use all kinds of heavy-duty machines and equipment, which need to be taken care of, as one single fault or error may lead to unimaginable damage and losses. Thus, to ensure electrical safety and operational efficiency, industries use isolation transformers instead of any other kind of power transformer. This is because an isolation transformer is a protective unit that facilitated the transfer of power from an input supply to a connected output device or machine. The unit within contains separate primary and secondary windings by a main insulating component. It links two circuits magnetically, but provides no metallic conductive path between them. When it is necessary to prevent any leakage from the AC power system into the end devices, an isolation transformer is the best choice.

Why Should You Buy Voltage-Based Transformers?


There are a multitude of transformer types available in the market to choose from. In this blog today, we will speak about voltage-based transformers that play a significant role in electrical grid networks. They are used in a variety of applications like electrical equipment, electronic equipment, substations, inverters, and rectifier circuits. They are available in a variety of configurations. The two main types of voltage-based transformers are – step-up and step-down transformers. Both these types vary in terms of the number of windings in the coils, and the amount of voltage produced.

Why Can’t Complex Cable Assemblies Be Fully Automated?


The world that we live in today is full of machinery and automation; so we can’t imagine anything in this world being manufacturing without machinery; and lately automated machinery. Almost everything is being automatically manufactured, thus giving immense amount of time for individuals that can be invested elsewhere. But, the same is not in the case always with a cable assembly.

Cable Assembly Labeling – All You Should Know


With cable assemblies combining groups of similar electric cables together; and innumerous cable assemblies further combined together to form complex circuits in complex applications, it becomes very difficult to identify individual cables and assemblies, both. To make it easier thus, cables and assemblies are labeled for easy identification. When they are labeled, they can be easily identified, which makes the process of not only installation, but also maintenance, repairing, and replacement very easy and quick.

How To Design High Temperature PCBs?


Any electronics, when they operate, are obvious to deliver a certain amount of heat in the process. And, any electronic appliance would only function when there is a PCB installed in the system. This makes it obvious that every PCB assembly from India is designed to withstand and perform well in heated environments. However, there are certain applications where the temperature dissipated or used is extremely high. When designing for these applications, carefully designing a special high temperature circuit board is important.

Which Automotive Wire Does Your Application Require?

Automotive wiring are of various types. Each application requires a different kind of wire. Thus, it is important for you to identify which wire you require for your particular application. The three basic kinds of automotive wiring are GXL, SXL, and TXL, each designed to serve a different purpose. In this blog, we will let you know what each type is in detail, as it is important that you understand the purposes and differences so that you know which wire you need. This is because one wrong wire can lead to errors, failures, ineffective performance, or downtime, each leading to additional expenses.

How do Induction Heating Coils Work?


Inductor heating coils, or inductors in short, are important components in an induction heating system, which decide upon how effectively and efficiently the equipment is heated. These are water-cooled copper conductors made up of copper tubing that are readily formed in the shape of a coil for making the induction heating process possible.

Why Is Competition Important To Drive Better Results?


No matter what business you are into, you have to face tough competition. Your competitors may be better in providing the best products/services, or may be using better technologies and executing better operations. You may look at your competitors as terrible people and the competition as a negative implication, but this is only because you are unable to reach that point of success. But, when you look at it in a positive way, competition can actually be the driving force that pushes businesses to do much more than t hey could.

Why Is EMI/RFI Shielding Important For Cable Assemblies?


The world is full of smart and intelligent equipment like cellphones, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. whose signals are crowding the airwaves. This crowding results in signals from one device crossing over another; thus resulting in thousands of signals intersecting together, and creating a lot of electrical noise. These signals are targeted by cable assemblies, who work as antennas to draw in or emit signals, thus attracting the electrical noise, which results in the phenomenon that we call electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI).

Cable Assembly Vs. Wire Harness


The words “cable assembly” and “wire harness” are often used interchangeably. In fact, the terms “cable” and “wire” are also used interchangeably. But, this is only for a layman. For professionals and those knowing about the technicality of these components, all these terms have individual meaning and importance; and they all are different from the other. Although they all are used to transfer electricity between different locations, they all are different, and have a distinct purpose. And, the success of your application and electrical appliance depends on choosing the right cable/wire and cable assembly/wire harness, based on the specifications of the application to be used in. Now, if you are confused and don’t know these are different, we are here to help you understand the difference so that you can make the right choice.