Panelized PCBs – Cost-Effective PCBs


When you need multiple designs on a single board, or when you have products that use multiple PCBs for various designs, panelized PCBs are the ideal solution. These are those PCBs that contain multiples of the same or different designs on a single board; the sections then breaking off into different individual boards, resulting in efficient usage of space.

Various Types Of PCB Assemblies


Printed Circuit Board or PCB assembly from India can be characterized as a complicatedly structured pathway made of metallic elements that are responsible for exchange of power easily so that the devices they are used in, generally electronics and electrical, can performed effectively. Such electric power development can help electronic and electrical devices to work easily without intrusion. But, a PCB assembly from India comprises of a lot many components, each of which needs to be assembled appropriately for the effective fulfillment of the system.

How Do Transformers And Inductors Differ?


Transformers and inductors are two important devices used in electronics, which are always confused to be the same by laymen. But in reality, they are actually two very different components, in spite the fact that they look similar in construction and appearance. Even though these two magnetic components look similar, they are very different in other aspects like design, construction elements, and applications. Here are some of the most common and notable differences between transformers and inductors that you should know about. So, take a look and understand these differences so that you can make a wise purchasing decision.

The Growing Popularity Of EMS Providers In 2019


There is a growing demand of EMS providers in the country today. With every electronic device becoming smaller and smarter, there is a need for smart and professional EMS providers to offer services of PCBs and more that can be integrated into consumer products easily and efficiently. With the dependency on electronic devices being high on the rise, the demand for EMS providers is also rising significantly. So, what has made EMS providers so popular? Why are people preferring outside help of Electronics Manufacturing Services from India, rather than carrying out the processes in-house? Let us take a look.

What Are Isolation Transformers?


A transformer is required when an equipment is connected to an electrical circuit to be able to conduct the right amount of voltage to the device. There are a variety of transformers available; one of them being isolation transformers. As the name suggests, isolation transformers are those that transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current power to a device, while isolating the powered device from the power source. This is to both prevent the device from damage, as well as keep the operator safe against current and shock. Because of the unique property that isolation transformers possess, these transformers are majorly used in the health care sector. Healthcare facilities encounter leakage of electrical waves present on normal power sources; and isolation transformers can prevent just that.

How Are High Quality PCBs Manufactured?


Building a Printed Circuit Board is not an easy task; it requires a lot many steps, a lot many considerations, and a lot of skill. Whether it is manufacturing or assembling, both have their own skill sets and knowledge required. Only with the amalgamation of knowledge, skill, and the right procedures, can a high quality PCB assembly from India be manufactured.

Turnkey PCB Services – What Is It All About?


Miracle Electronics  is the most reliable and versatile PCB assembly manufacturer in India who offers end-to-end “turnkey” solutions in manufacturing of the best PCB assembly from Germany. Now, what does that mean? When you search the Web for the meaning of “turnkey”, you will find it defined as “of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use”. So, when we speak about turnkey PCB solutions, we mean the production of a complete PCB product, right from planning and designing to the manufacturing and testing phases.

Power Transformers Versus Distribution Transformers


Power transformers are high voltage transformers that are installed at various power stations for power generation and transmission. They could either be step-up or step-down, depending upon whether your application requires to increase or decrease the incoming power. Distribution transformers are, on the other hand, those transformers that step down the voltage and current level of a transmission line, according to the level already set.

High-Speed PCBs – Challenges And Designing Considerations


With the immense dependence seen on electrical and electronic appliances today, and with every such appliance becoming smaller than its general size, there is an increasing need for small and smart circuit boards too that can hold together a multitude of elements compatibly into a tiny space. In addition, people are also getting very impatient with the lack of time they have. Thus, they demand every appliance to work at the fastest possible speed, not having them to wait for even a second. With such flash-like demands, PCBs also need to be high-speed ones. And, all of this combined, it becomes even more challenging to build such complicated, complex, tiny, and high-speed PCBs that are also high on performance. Thus, it becomes crucial to pay complete focused attention to manufacturing such PCBs. Listed below are some of the most important factors to consider when building a PCB assembly from India.

When Buying A Transformer – Things To Consider


Transformers are versatile electrical equipment used to transfer electrical energy between two or more circuits. A varying current in one coil produces a varying magnetic flux, which induces a varying electromotive force across the second coil wound around the same core. Thus, with the help of a transformer, electrical energy can be transferred between the two coils, without having a metallic connection between the circuits. Transformers have found their usage in all kinds of industries like industrial, commercial, aerospace, medical, electronics, audio, and more. In fact, they are also used in domestic and residential applications. All in all, transformers are a vital part of almost every electric and electronic appliance. Transformers have thus made our lives very easy and simple.