How Do Single And Multi Layered PCBs Differ?


PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards are used in virtually every electronic device in all residential and commercial applications. These components are available in two types – single layered and multi layered. It is important to understand what these two types are and how they differ, their pros and cons, their design, and everything else, so that you can make an informed decision as to which one you should use when you are getting your devices customized that use PCBs. Miracle Electronics is one manufacturer who can design and develop all kinds of PCB assembly from India, both ready as well as specially customized for you.

Which Cable Harness Do You Need?

Cable harnesses are groups of similar wires bundled together and covered with a jacket or shield to help cables stay protected and perform better for longer, while also keeping the workspace neat and organized, thus preventing people in the area to encounter slips, trips, and shocks. Thus, cable harnesses are very effective to keep the working space neat, organized, and safe. The outer casings and sheaths are the most important parts of the equipment, which are designed to streamline and organize multi-wire systems.

Uses And Applications Of An Autotransformer

Autotransformers are special power transformers in India that have only one isolated winding to step up or step down the voltage. The word “auto” here does not depict any automatic process; rather it indicates the action of the single coil that acts alone. These transformers are a great choice to be used in applications that require low voltage.

The Challenges Faced While Handling 300 Miles Of Electrical Cable


300 miles of cables! Yes, that is somewhere near what an aircraft contains. And, to manage all these miles of cables is a very complex and tedious task. The number of challenges to be experienced is many in terms of environmental conditions, pressure conditions, abrasion, vibration, moisture, etc. And, the challenge increases when the distance some signals travel within the airframe increases. All kinds of avionics systems, engines, sensors, and in-flight entertainment experience these challenges. However, the issues related to the maintenance of these cables can be reduced to an extent when these cables are bundled up together into a cable assembly. This keeps the workspace neat and organized, while keeping the inhabitants within the workplace safe against shocks and accidents, and the cables safe and protected. Miracle Electronics is one of the renowned cable assembly manufacturers in India who manufactures a variety of harnesses like EMI shielded, flat, RF, airborne, ribbon, and military. Additionally, you can also get general product features and inclusions like circular connectors, military specific connectors, D-Sub connectors, PVC lead wires, and more here. All these products are tested for dimension, weight, continuity, pull, and Hi-pot testing before being provided to the clients.