Why Should You Opt For Private Label Wire Harnesses?


Private labeling is when a product is manufactured by one company for another company to sell the product under its name or brand. This practice is being followed by many in India today, especially by those companies who do not have an in-house manufacturer for a certain product or part. Such companies, by joining hands with reputed manufacturers, can ensure that their components are being manufactured correctly and aptly in good hands, while staying true to their brand.

Panelized PCBs – Cost-Effective PCBs


When you need multiple designs on a single board, or when you have products that use multiple PCBs for various designs, panelized PCBs are the ideal solution. These are those PCBs that contain multiples of the same or different designs on a single board; the sections then breaking off into different individual boards, resulting in efficient usage of space.

Various Types Of PCB Assemblies


Printed Circuit Board or PCB assembly from India can be characterized as a complicatedly structured pathway made of metallic elements that are responsible for exchange of power easily so that the devices they are used in, generally electronics and electrical, can performed effectively. Such electric power development can help electronic and electrical devices to work easily without intrusion. But, a PCB assembly from India comprises of a lot many components, each of which needs to be assembled appropriately for the effective fulfillment of the system.

How Do Transformers And Inductors Differ?


Transformers and inductors are two important devices used in electronics, which are always confused to be the same by laymen. But in reality, they are actually two very different components, in spite the fact that they look similar in construction and appearance. Even though these two magnetic components look similar, they are very different in other aspects like design, construction elements, and applications. Here are some of the most common and notable differences between transformers and inductors that you should know about. So, take a look and understand these differences so that you can make a wise purchasing decision.