Isolation Transformers – Working And Applications


Although there are a variety of transformers available to choose from, each offering different benefits and unique qualities, the main purpose of a transformer remains the same, that is, to transfer power, data, or signal across from one circuit to another. Most of the transformers use an inductive conductor for the purpose, which is made of two or more ferromagnetic coils known as windings.

What are isolation transformers?

One of the most popular transformers used is the isolation transformer, which, as the name itself says, serves the basic purpose of isolating the power device from the power source, while transferring power, data, or signals. Moreover, these transformers can thwart capacitance which causes the winding linkage paving way for high frequency sound. The input and output circuits are thus separated from one another to ensure zero contact, in the case of an isolation transformer. Isolation transformers promote galvanic isolation, which protects the device from any kind of electrical spike or shock, while also containing the electrical noise from sensitive and receptive gadgets. They are designed to fight interference from ground loops, and reduce capacitive coupling. These transformers use unconnected bobbins on the coil windings, which are wound on one another keeping the insulation in the center.

Working of isolation transformers

  • Isolation transformers can help separate primary and secondary windings in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Isolation transformers mitigate the risk of electrocution because the power line does not come in contact with the electrical wings.
  • Isolation transformers reduce noise and sound by separating the audio amplifier that is otherwise connected with the speaker output directly.
  • Isolation transformers promote DC power isolation by separating the direct current from the signals taking control of the amplifier.

Applications of isolation transformers

  • Because in every way, isolation transformers are protected by an electrostatic shield in between the windings, they are used to power sensitive equipment like computers, electronic devices, medical equipment, and laboratory gadgets.
  • Isolation transformers are preferable used in radios as they help in radio frequency isolation from the antenna to how much radio transmitter is required to separate the substantial components.
  • Isolation transformers are used in telephone lines to amplify the cyclical intervals that contain digital information by assisting DC power isolation.
  • One special application is a pulse transformer that transmits rectangular pulse signals and provides electrical isolation, which is suitable in some computer network designs.

However, isolation transformers are comparatively more expensive than other traditional transformers. So, if you are ready to pay the price, keeping in mind the amazing unique benefits that you can get, you can always invest in an isolation transformer, and get in touch with Miracle Electronics to have one designed. You can get your transformers customized as per your preference and requirements at this reliable and experienced isolation transformer manufacturer in India. And, rest assured to get the best quality as every isolation transformer manufactured here is RoHS and REACH compliant, and adhered to the regulations under UL 60601-1 standards.

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