Stay Safe With These Electrical Wiring Tips


With so much dependence on our electrical appliances and electronics, we are bound to get frustrated and anxious when the electric power in our home is cut off, even if it may be for only a few minutes. And, one thing that we Indians are bound to do is try to fix everything on our own. One of the most common scenarios seen in every Indian household is trying to fix up an electrical connection and wire on one’s own when the electric supply is cut off. But, because we are not professionals, we may be able to solve tiny issues related to electricity, but not all the heavy duty faults. And, even when we try to work with the electric connections, we must be very careful to avoid any kind of disasters and unexpected hazards. For this, you must be well aware of these four things while working with electric wires and connections. Also, you must be well aware to replace your cables with cable harnesses to provide safe and long-lasting alternatives. You can get the best kind of customized harnesses from Miracle Electronics, one of the most renowned cable harness manufacturers in India.

Take out the fuse

The fuse box is the most convenient device that helps us control the flow of electricity within the house by simply plugging in or unplugging a simple fuse. But, we often forget to use this convenience while working with electrical circuits. Make sure to take the fuse out before starting any kind of electric work within your premises. Breaking the flow of electricity in this way can eliminate all possibilities of accidents.

Use wood and rubber

We generally see Indian homes having metal ladders, making it easier to reach higher heights in the home. This can help bring down and put up stuff on higher platforms, paint the roof and higher walls, fix up nails into the walls high up, and many other things. But, this is the worst element you can rely upon while working with electricity. When you want to reach higher up for any kind of electric handling, make sure you use a wooden ladder and wear rubber footwear.

Make sure the wires are dead

We all may have encountered some or the other kind of shock at least once in our lifetime. It could be a tiny current that is passed into our body when we turn on a switch with wet hands or during the rainy season. However, shocks could be larger than that, which may even cause death. To avoid any such likeliness, it is better to use a voltage tester before working with the electric wires to ensure that they are dead.

Be careful in damp conditions

Rainy seasons or moist climates can cause electric faults, which may result in shocks when we touch a switch or electric wire. In any such situations where damp conditions exist, it is advisable to use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets to make the situation less dangerous.

You would say that the above tips are obvious and understood, but there are times when these are mindlessly neglected, and ultimately cause hazards. This is why we made it a point to re-inform our readers about how to stay safe while working with electric elements.

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