Why Are Three Phase Transformers So Preferred?


Three phase transformers are a constitution of three single phase transformers connected together. And, it becomes obvious that using one single three phase transformer proves to be more efficient and powerful than using three single phase transformers. So, is it just the efficiency that’s making three phase transformers so preferred? There must certainly be something more that’s making these three phase transformers stand out so distinctively from the rest! Let’s help you understand those factors.

Three phase transformers are smaller and compact

Size is a very important factor, especially when you are short of space. So, when you don’t have enough space to keep your transformer in, you’ll always be looking for a small-sized and compact transformer. Obviously, connecting three single phase transformers requires a good enough space for installation. On the other hand, if you take the wise decision of installing one single three phase transformer instead, you are going to use lesser space, as these transformers have the same power of three single phase transformers, but in a compact design.

Three phase transformers are powerful and efficient

Three phase transformers are high voltage transformers that deliver more energy and power than other regular transformers. They are most suitable for applications that require optimum levels of electricity and power. This is especially true in industries, where operations working in high levels of workloads require maximum energy with minimum levels of fuss. Three phase transformers are thus efficient at transmitting electricity with consistency; a very important requirement in industrial operations.

Three phase transformers are less expensive

Three phase transformers, giving the benefits of being more efficient, more powerful, and less space-consuming, also offer the advantage of being comparatively inexpensive. These transformers are thus the best choice for those looking for budget-friendly transformer options.

Three phase transformers are easy to install, operate, and repair

Ease is as important as efficiency and safety in the case of transformers. Three phase transformers serve this purpose too. First and foremost, the transformers are very easy to install in the right manner and perfectly. Also, they are very easy to operate, providing the right levels of transmitted electricity. One does not have to put in a lot of efforts to operate, which is why they are preferred over other kinds of transformers. And, last but not the least, it is also very easy to repair three phase transformers.

So, these are the many benefits that three phase transformers provide over other kinds of transformers. Thus, the next time you are looking for compact, efficient, powerful, easy-to-use, and less expensive transformers, remember, three phase transformers are the right choice for you. And, when you decide on using these transformers, you can get in touch with Miracle Electronics, the most reliable and expert 3 phase transformer manufacturer in India, where you can get transformers that offer fault-free generation, fault-free transmission, and fault-free distribution, as they are all manufactured in accordance with international standards, thus being RoHS and REACH compliant.

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