Why You Should Have Your Cables And Harnesses Customized


Customization is becoming the trend now, in almost every industry, so much so that people are now opting for customized cables and harness too! Even though you may think it’s so unnecessary to invest the time and efforts into something as small as a cable, we’ll say its one of the wisest things you can do. Building everything as per the requirements call for, results in a more dependable and long-lasting end product. So, the next time you’re looking for wires or cables for your application, get in touch with customized cable harness manufacturers in India, to have each cable specially customized as per your purpose.

How are custom cables made?

Certain cable manufacturers require you to provide them with your design and specifications, based on which they can manufacture the cables. Others will just want to know your requirements, based on which they’ll decide on the design and specifications on their own, after which they may also wish to build a prototype for you first, if your order is a large volume. Building such prototypes can help understand what the product will look like and how it will function. Any issues or incompatibilities in the prototype can be identified and altered, before manufacturing the entire lot. This can help save on potential future issues, thus saving on time and money. After all, every little detail can alter the quality of the end product.

How are custom cable harnesses made?

The process begins with designing the ideal design for the requirement, making sure that it incorporates any necessary custom features for the intended application. As per the design, the wires are cut, stripped, and terminated. If needed, the wires will be inserted into a connector housing to allow mating of male and female bundles of wires. Some wires will remain out of the connectors, attached to the original equipment individually. The wires will then be bound with an outer covering using an assembly board, which guides proper breakouts and allows for final electrical testing. The wires/cables are then routed through sleeves, and fastened with ties or tape.

Customized cables and harnesses at Miracle Electronics

Miracle Electronics is one of the most reliable cable harness manufacturers in India, who can help build any and every kind of customized cable and cable harness as per your requirements and applications. Our customized cable manufacturing services are available for a variety of industries and markets like automotive, commercial, computer, industrial, medical, factory automation, consumer electronics, and more.

We also offer harnesses from simple to complex, from standard to customized specifications. Our team of designers and engineers can quickly turn customer ideas into prototypes and complete turnkey products. Our engineering team uses the most advanced technologies and solutions to assist in selecting the ideal cables and connectors. With more than a decade of experience in custom cable harness manufacturing, our cable harnesses have been widely used in various industries and applications like vehicles, machines, industrial control systems, security systems, telecommunications, consumer electronics, medical devices, audio/video systems, and more.

So, for every kind of small and big volume orders, quick-turn prototype cable harnesses, and UL & ISO certified products, get in touch with us for 100% quality delivered in the shortest possible time and at the most affordable prices.


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