Answering Noise Issues Elegantly And Effectively


Power quality, or the purity of AC power, highly affects the operation of sensitive electronics. There are many power quality factors that can affect the equipment performance, one of them being Power Factor – the ratio between true power and apparent power, which is generally 1:1. A lower power factor means that the efficiency of the equipment power supply will be affected.

Have you ever wondered why studio owners state that their equipment sound better at night? That’s because there is heavy commercial use of the power system during the day, and a poor power factor.

How do power and sound relate?

Every audio signal circuit generates a certain noise or hum, and also possible are different sorts of sonic qualities in the noise. Low levels of noise create IM distortion in program material, which causes loss of imaging, and compromise of signal accuracy across the entire audio bandwidth. This issue has been going on for a long time without anything being able to directly address the cause of the problem. Every possible remedy like ground lifts, capacitors, and much more have only proven to be temporary fixes. But, there’s one solution that has proven its capability – balanced power. Balanced power is a properly designed source of EMF for electronics.

The issues resolved by balanced power

The most common problems encountered in audio sensitive equipment include –

  • The more equipment involved, the more reactive currents will be present.
  • The more channels mixed, the more background noise will be present.
  • Some equipment is more sensitive to noise than others.

With all of this, it’s difficult to predict every problem instantly. However, one power solution – balanced power – is what can resolve each of them. Balanced AC is today recognized as an approved wiring method in the 1996 National Electrical Code, Article 530 Part “G”.

What’s the future of balanced power?

AC harmonics and grounding currents have invaded almost every branch of modern technology in the Power Quality industry. However, the impact that balanced power will have in sophisticated applications across the board is yet to be completely realized. But, we still believe that balanced power is overall an effective solution. It is a solid foundation for sensitive equipment. People are using conventional AC just because that is how things have been done for almost a century of years now, but this is something that’s not too good. Change is essential; and the performance from equipment by using balanced power can be quite astonishing! Doing anything without any noise issues is certainly a luxury, for which balanced power can be a huge help.

Where can you get balance power supply from?

When you’re looking for a good balanced studio power supply in India for your audio systems, Miracle Electronics is who you need to approach. We’re a leading manufacturer of balanced power transformers with the unique features, qualities, pricing, and on-time deliveries that we offer with our products. Use Miracle Electronics’ balanced power transformers to clean up your sound!

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