What Are The Benefits Of Using Automatic Voltage Stabilizers With Dry-Type Transformers?


Automatic voltage stabilizers automatically correct the voltage at regular intervals, resulting in a consistent voltage being supplied to motors. This consistent voltage helps in an efficient operation of electrical equipment, preventing any kind of damage caused to them due to voltage fluctuations. This increases the efficiency and decreases the maintenance costs involved for all your equipment. Ultimately this will result in zero production loss and will improve the efficiency of your plant.

Automatic voltage stabilizers come with faster correction rate, helping them to work over a wide range of input frequencies without any kind of waveform distortion. They deliver high levels of reliability with their special high performance control circuits. With these kinds of stabilizers, you can conveniently switch between manual and auto operating modes, with over and under voltage indicators that can keep you informed.

What kind of transformer will work well with automatic voltage stabilizers?

Traditionally, liquid-filled transformers were used for projects that involved automatic voltage stabilizers. But today, dry-type transformers are the ideal solutions. There are multiple reasons why a dry-type transformer will be beneficial for your business. Thus, when you are planning to purchase an automatic voltage stabilizer, you must opt to purchase it from dry-type transformer manufacturers.

Why a dry-type transformer?

  • Firstly, a dry-type transformer doesn’t weight as much as a liquid-filled transformer, thus reducing the costs of craning and installation. Moreover, there are no special arrangements required to be made for dealing with liquids in case of a dry-type transformer. These arrangements involve the expenses required for drainage areas, vaults, firewalls, curbing and fire point liquids.
  • Dry-type transformers can be placed closed to the electrical load, which is not possible in the case of liquid-filled transformers. Also, there wouldn’t be a need for annual fluid testing, and would require a minimal downtime for inspection and maintenance.
  • With no risk of oil leakage or water contamination, dry-type transformers are environmentally very safe. They are non-flammable and there is minimal risk of fire because of the materials used. Thus, purchasing from a dry-type transformer manufacturer is beneficial for the environment.
  • Purchasing an automatic voltage stabilizer from a dry-type transformer manufacturer is also cost-effective. This is because it wouldn’t be needed to run the generator at high and low input voltage, thus saving on your diesel costs. They also help in reducing electricity bills by somewhere around 15%! In fact, these stabilizers can pay back their own cost in somewhere between 18 to 24 months.

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