Building Your Custom Cables And PCBs At Miracle Electronics


Cables and PCBs are two integral components of any simple and complex electronic device. There are a variety of standard cables and PCBs available for almost every kind of electronic device and system, but at times, you may have certain applications that may require a certain type of cable network or circuit board, which is when you may look to get in touch with such a manufacturer who has the skill and expertise in manufacturing customized cables and PCBs. And, when you think of such a professional, Miracle Electronics is where you should be. We, along with building standard typical cables and PCBs, are also well-versed in customized cable and PCB assembly manufacturing from India.

Cable assemblies

Our ability to manufacture cables and assemblies are not confined to building only single cable and multiwire harnesses. Instead, we have great experience in building all sorts of EMI shielded assemblies, flat assemblies, ribbon assemblies, RF cable assemblies, power cables, airborne looms, and military looms too. In addition, we can also provide you with all sorts of military specific circular connectors, D-Sub connectors, and UL 1015 / 1007 grade PVC lead wires too. And, all our products are thoroughly checked and tested for all sorts of dimension, weight, and continuity tests to ensure that the products we offer are up to the mark and are also compliant to the environmental requirements specified by the client. In fact, our cable assemblies are all certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications; thus ensuring quality and excellence, along with reliability and cost-effectiveness.

PCB assemblies

In the field of PCB assemblies, we have positioned ourselves as the most reliable and versatile PCB manufacturer across the country, as we believe in offering end-to-end turnkey solutions to every client. We offer resourceful EMS capabilities of product designing, system designing, system architecture, value engineering, manufacturing, and logistics. Moreover, our specially crafted value engineering ensures optimal and cost-effective production of all kinds of complicated and dense PCB assemblies, by enhancing production processes and lowering costs. Whether you want μBGA or surface mount PCB assemblies, you can count on us for both as our facilities are well-equipped with technology lines and equipment for both kinds of PCBs. In addition, we also test every product before delivering it to the client to ensure reliability and safe performance.

Why us?

Miracle Electronics is well-known for delivering finished products with consistent quality performance in a timely manner, using high technology machineries to reduce the time-to-market of your upcoming new products. Moreover, you can rely on us not only for large-scale production, but prototyping and low or medium volume productions too. We have been working with all sorts of big and small businesses in a variety of industry fields; thus you can rest assured that when you’re with Miracle Electronics, you’re with a trusted leader that assures only the best quality. So, whether you’re looking for cable or PCB assembly manufacturing from India, request a quote from us, and have your project taken care of immediately!

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