Why Are Custom Transformers A Better Option?

Transformers are electrical instruments used to transfer energy from one source to another. Thus, these instruments should incorporate all kinds of safety measures. Since different applications require different types of transformers, it is best to have your transformers customized. In the case of custom transformers, you can adjust various requirements keeping in mind the environment in which the transformers need to be used. You can let your manufacturer know your requirements in detail so that they can come up with the best solution for you. If you are wondering where to find such a manufacturer, it is Miracle Electronics, who has been providing the best services in both ready and custom transformers to clients across the globe since more than 20 years!

Common Questions Asked About Transformers


Do you know that transformers are used in our everyday items? Yes! Transformers are used just in about everything that requires electrical power to operate, like televisions, computers, washing machines, etc. However, the type, size and style of transformers vary with every application. The best way to get the most appropriate transformer for your project is by getting your transformer customized by a reputed and renowned company who knows how to do its job well, just like Miracle Electronics, the leading power transformer manufacturer in India. But, before you go ahead to get a customized transformer for your project, there may be many questions running around in your head. Here are some of the most common queries faced, which we have provided answers to so that it becomes easier for you to better understand a transformer.

How To Find The Best Transformer Manufacturer?

You want to get your transformer from the best manufacturer who cares for the construction and purpose of the transformer while building it and also delivers it to you at the most affordable price. There are all sorts of manufacturers around. Some of them are only trying to maximize their profits while minimizing their costs, not concerned with how beneficial or not the transformer may be for the customers. While, there are others who use the best practices to ensure that they are manufacturing the best final product, even if they earn a little less profit. So, which type of manufacturer are you looking for? Obviously, the latter! Miracle Electronics is one such transformer manufacturer in India who is concerned for producing the best end product by using the finest high-grade raw materials and the best possible procedures. The below mentioned points are considered by Miracle Electronics, which will let you know why you can rest assured to get the best products while you are dealing with us.

Different Types Of Power Transformers


Power transformers are electrical devices that are used to step up or down electrical energy or supply voltage while transferring it from one source to another. Transformers are usually used in long distance electrical energy transfer, and these devices have highly contributed in shaping the electricity supply industry. Different types of transformers are used in different types of applications. Even the same type of transformer may vary in a variety of options for different applications. This is why leading transformer manufacturers in India manufacture transformers with a variety of options to make them useful for different applications. Here is the wide range of options available for power transformers in India that make it easier for the customers to choose from.

Understanding The Usage And Types Of Power Transformers

Understanding-The-Usage-And-Types-Of-Power-TransformersOne of the most important and popular member of the family of transformers is the power transformer. Power transformers are massive power components that are used to transform power channelized to power operated systems. In power transformers, effective voltage is supplied constantly but, the frequencies change from one nation to another.

What Factors Should Be Considered While Installing A Transformer?

What-Factors-Should-Be-Considered-While-Installing-A-TransformerJust as much as transformers are important for bringing in the right amount of voltage from one source to another, it is equally important to install the transformer in the appropriate environment. If there is any mistake in its installation, there can be many difficulties and safety hazards that can be faced. Incorrect installation may lead to fire or electric shock. So, before setting up and connecting a transformer in your premises, it is very important that you make a check on the following factors.

What Are The Benefits Of Isolation Transformers?


Isolation transformers are used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current power to a device, where the powered device is isolated from the power source for safety measures. They provide galvanic isolation, which is the principle of isolating different sections of electrical systems to prevent current flow. Here, there is no direct conduction path but, the energy is still exchanged between sections by capacitance, induction or electromagnetic waves. However, these transformers block the transmission of the DC component in signals from one circuit to another, while letting the AC components to pass.

Who, What, Why And Where Of Transformers


We all know what the famous ‘W’s are – Who? What? Why? When? Where? Which? Do you know that most of these Ws can be asked in the case of transformers too? Here are the questions that almost every individual dealing with transformers would want to have the answers to.

Guidelines To Purchase The Right Transformer


With the fuel costs rising and power cut offs becoming more widespread throughout the country, the focus has shifted majorly towards power generation and distribution. It has also become highly important to conserve energy and invest in energy efficient products of all types. This is the reason why power transformers have become a very important part of everyday life today because of its constant energy throughout the day. If even a single unit goes off for a short time period, multiple households and commercial spaces are thrown into darkness, which results in a considerable economic loss. However, distribution transformers that are more than 30 years old can waste between 60 to 80 billion kWh every year! When such transformers are replaced with newer and better designed transformers, they can yield annual energy savings up to 100 crores of rupees!

How To Select The Right Travelling Transformer?


Every country has its own varying alternating current. Generally, most of the world operates on 220-240 VAC (Volts Alternating Current). North America is one country that operates on 110-120 VAC. When you travel from one country to another, if you are to experience a voltage fluctuation, you need to be well prepared to convert the voltage to match your appliance’s voltage requirement. If you fail to do so, you could severely damage your appliances.