Wire Harness – Different Industry Applications


Wire harnesses are widely used in almost every residential, commercial, and industrial application, to hold together the multitude of wires in a neat and organized manner, so as to avoid tangles, trips, and accidents. While the designs and materials can vary for every industry, finding a building, a machinery, a vehicle, or any other electric and electronic device without such wire harnesses is next to impossible! For instance, some applications may be able to do with regular materials and standard quality manufacturing, while others may require high quality materials and stringent engineering practices used to build their wire harnesses.

Depending upon your industry and application, you thus need to approach an industrial wire harness manufacturer in India that can cater to your requirements. Miracle Electronics is one such manufacturer who can manufacture simple as well complicated wire harnesses that require expert knowledge, expertise, and specialized materials and engineering skills. We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture wire harnesses for every industry, regardless of the requirements, expectations, and certifications required. Let’s take a look at all the various industries that different kinds of wire harnesses are capable of serving.


We’re widely known for our automotive wire harnesses, which can fit and function well in different kinds of vehicles, for all sorts of different electric controls and devices that work together to transmit power and signals for the engine to work. Wire harnesses efficiently connect the vehicle’s different parts for effective usage and functioning.


We all rely so highly upon telecommunications of all types today. May it be our smartphones, computer networks, internet, or the radio, they all play an essential role in our lives. But, do you know that all these wireless systems also require a large network of wires to help them work!? So, you can say that it takes a lot of wiring to help us work so wirelessly today. Bundling of different types of wires is required here, which is what wire harnesses serve so effectively.

Consumer electricals and electronics

Our everyday products, including electricals and electronics, also require multiple wire harnesses to make them work. Whether it is the lights, fans, and air conditioners, or other appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, computers, etc., the wire assemblies that power and control them need to be effective for the job. Every application requires a different kind of wire harness, and must support performance and reliability.

Industrial controls

When it’s about industrial controls, its all so critical and complicated. At times, you may require the same cable to serve both power and signal conducting functions. And, all such complicatedly functioning cables then need to be bundled up effectively for proper and safe operation. One inadequate wiring can mean a great loss to the entire system!


The medical and healthcare industry is a very critical one, which decides on the safety of the lives of both patients and healthcare staff. Keeping everything going consistently and safely is of prime importance here. There’s no space for even the slightest of error here! There are a multitude of sensitive medical equipment used in today’s medical facilities and laboratories like heart monitors, BP monitors, ECG machines, MRI machines, CT scan machines, dialysis machines, ventilators, and so much more. To make it safe and efficient for all these equipment to work smoothly, stringent measures are taken for their manufacture, along with high quality materials being used. The wire harnesses used in such equipment thus also need to be highly durable and reliable, and pass all the required compliance tests required by medical grade wires.


Another crucial application where the lives of many is dependent is the military industry. Whether it is aerial, marine, or terrestrial, every military vehicle and equipment requires high-class wire harnesses for operation. The wire harnesses used in such applications need to be highly durable and thoroughly reliable in a way that they can withstand all kinds of weathers, climates, temperatures, pressures, vibration, moisture, and wear-and-tear.

No matter what the industry and application, one needs to always get hold of only the best wire harness for the requirement. You may either purchase from readily available designs, or have your own wire harness especially customized for your particular requirement – the choice is yours to make.


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