Wire Harness Types – Connectors And Terminals


With the rising usage of wire harnesses, thanks to their efficiencies and plethora of advantages, the demand for a variety of different harnesses is also on the rise. Every wire harness manufacturer in India works to fulfil these rising demands, thus coming up with a multitude of options to suit various applications where signal or power needs to be transmitted to electronic devices or machines. Some of the most popularly used wire harnesses are flat harnesses, ribbon harnesses, EMI shielded harnesses, RF harnesses, airborne looms, and military looms. You can choose to have a particular kind of wire harness, based on your application, and the required performance and stability.

Wire harness types based on the connectors used

The sole purpose of a connector type wire harness is to transmit electrical signals from the wire harness to the power source. Connectors comprise of different plugs and jacks, the design being based on the function and performance required. There are essentially two main types of wire harness connectors – male and female, which serve to provide the necessary junctions between the many different elements of the wire harness, to produce efficient transmission of data, power, or signal through the system. In simple terms, plugs are male connectors, and jacks are female connectors. The performance of a connector is also related to the material used, the ease of connection, and the insulation between the pins. Different applications call for different connector types, as the functions, designs, and working vary from one condition to another. It is thus best to let your wire harness manufacturer in India know about your particular requirements, based on which you can have your harnesses designed.

Wire harness types based on the terminals

Terminals are used in wire harnesses to cease the conductor to a particular point, and secure and protect the connection. Generally made of metal or alloy, these devices may also be composed of silicon or carbon, depending upon the application requirement. Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs, terminals can be used as hooks, rings, bullets, spades, or any other customizable design.

  • Hooks – These terminals, with an open end, are simple and efficient, with a high durability rating.
  • Rings – These terminals have a rounded end that lets it attach to screws and studs, which may be insulated and crimped or soldered onto the wires.
  • Bullets – These terminals are great for connections between male and female wire harness connectors.
  • Spades – These terminals, with a unique fork shape, have an easily-attachable open end, ideal for tight spaces.

Terminals are absolutely important for the design of the wire harness as they provide the necessary junction from which a cabling harness can be terminated or progressed to other components. Their design is highly crucial for producing a product with continuity, integrity, and safety.

Finding the right kind of connector and terminal is essential for boosting the overall performance of your wire harness. For the best solutions, you can always rely upon the services of Miracle Electronics, the most trusted wire harness manufacturer in India! All you have to do is simply let us know about your application and requirements, and we’ll help design the most apt wire harness for you. Our in-house experts have immense experience in assessing a device and identifying the best wire harness to operate it.

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